Shakeology Cleanse Instructions – Tips on How to do the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse

Shakeology Cleanse InstructionsThe 3 day Shakeology cleanse has become popular due to the prevalence of processed foods in today’s diets, as toxins and other undesirable chemicals that tend to build up inside our bodies are on the rise. These toxins can drain energy levels and cause vulnerabilities to diseases and illnesses.

There are many methods commonly used to clean the body of this harmful matter, from awkward colon cleanses to unusual diets. Some of these will work wonders while others will be messy or unpleasant, without any real benefit.

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The Shakeology cleanse is a form of fasting detoxification that makes use of the health benefits and natural ingredients found in Beachbody’s meal replacement system. These ingredients can provide the nutrients the body needs to function without adding toxins themselves. The prebiotics and enzymes in the shake help the body absorb these necessary minerals and vitamins, creating a system where proper nutrition is supplied by the drink and digested efficiently by the body.

The purpose of many of these cleanses are to return the body to homeostasis. Homeostasis is the state of healthy balance within living organisms, whereby every system works in harmony with the others. A lack of homeostasis can lead to diseases, low energy, and other health problems. Purging unnatural or harmful chemicals from one’s body can reverse an imbalance, so one way to achieve balance is to eat natural foods while encouraging the body to flush out unwanted contaminants.

Using Shakeology to fast can result in this balanced state, since it is made with whole food ingredients, which are carefully ground into the mix powder from natural sources. Since the preservatives found in most of today’s foods can cause imbalances, a non-synthetic shake is a great tool for correcting them. Additionally, the phytonutrients present in the shake may prevent or reverse some degenerative diseases, meaning that the fast is a great way to increase one’s overall health.

3 Day Shakeology Cleanse Instructions

3 Day Shakeology CleanseThere are relatively simple instructions for the 3 day¬†Shakeology cleanse. The participant will be drinking three shakes a day, for up to three days. These shakes simply contain a serving of Shakeology and water; other mixing liquids aren’t recommended.

In addition to the shakes, a participant may eat a few pieces of fruit, up to two cups of green tea, and a salad. A small amount of poultry or fish may be eaten as well. Everything should be eaten in several small meals over the course of the day. Large meals aren’t as healthy, and are counterproductive to the cleanse.

Water is a very important part of the fast. Participants should drink between two and four liters of water each day, to ensure that they are well hydrated. Drinking a good amount of water should be an important part of any diet, and it’s so much more crucial when fasting. While three shakes a day can provide the nutrients your body needs, drinking them and only them may result in low levels of hydration, lessening the effects of the cleanse.

Some Shakeology cleansing participants will notice benefits as early as the first day, while others may require the full three-day period to see improvements. Whatever the result, the fast should not go beyond three days, after which Shakeology can be used to replace one meal daily, as per its normal use. If a participant encounters any health problems while on the cleanse, they should cease it immediately. As discussed in our full Shakeology review, everybody has a unique body and a few may not handle the cleanse as well as others.

Shakeology Cleanse Benefits

Shakeology CleansingThe Shakeology cleanse, unlike many other fasts and detoxification processes, is not primarily intended to cause weight loss. Instead, it’s a way to restore the natural balance of the body by removing unhealthy and unnatural toxins and contaminants. By providing highly nutritious natural food ingredients, these shakes can help encourage a state of homeostasis that could be difficult to attain otherwise. Some Shakeology cleansing participants have reported healthier skin, nails, and hair, as well as weight loss and other health improvements.

Keeping healthy in a world saturated in processed and synthetic foods can be challenging, and a good detoxification program can assist people in getting undesirable stuff out of their systems. If you decide to buy Shakeology, the Shakeology cleanse does this in a way that provides proper nutrition to the body while creating an environment where it can find balance.

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