Should You Buy Shakeology?

Buy ShakeologyWith all of the meal replacement shakes on the market today, should you buy Shakeology?

While one might find so-called healthy meal replacement shakes at local health stores, a quick look at the ingredient labels will reveal that Beachbody’s Shakeology meal replacement shake has a very distinct advantage.

Shakeology is a health shake that was designed to offer everything the body needs to be its healthiest. It contains enzymes and prebiotics that can encourage an efficient digestive system, which may improve its ability to absorb the phytonutrients and proteins of the shake. Best of all, many of the ingredients are natural, and are powdered carefully to preserve their original health benefits. Other shakes often use faster but less effective methods to powder their ingredients, which can cause even the best fruits and extracts to lose their potency.

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A month’s supply of Shakeology, provided either in a box of serving-sized packets or a single large bag, costs $119.95. For all of the healthy and exotic ingredients in these shakes, this isn’t too shabby. After all, trying to find many of the super-fruits in the shakes can be difficult and very expensive. These ingredients come from many regions of the world, including Peru and the West Indies. Most people don’t know where to get camu camu or reishi, and having them provided together with other fruits and vitamins in the same shake can be extremely convenient.

Beachbody – The Leader in Health and Fitness

Order ShakeologyMillions of people rely on Beachbody’s products every day to feel their best. For the skeptics who are worried or concerned about a possible Shakeology scam, it is important to note that Beachbody has become one of the most well-known and respected health supplement and fitness companies in America, and not only because of their high-quality products.

Whenever people have an issue with their products, whether it’s defective, missing components, or just not right for the customer, Beachbody has proven to be very accommodating. The Better Business Bureau notes that very nearly every customer complaint handled by the company has been resolved in a very satisfactory manner. If there’s been a mistake, they’ll fix it.

As we’ve discussed in our full Shakeology review, Beachbody also understands that many people who want to use their health supplements are interested in having a regular supply of them. Through the Home Direct program, customers can have Shakeology delivered to them every month, without having to worry about filling out new order forms. If a customer signs up for Home Direct, he or she will be charged every month and the product will show up at their door. It’s a convenient way to ensure that customers won’t run out of shakes if they’re caught up in work and ordering a new batch slips their minds.

Those who wish to take advantage of the Home Direct program may be able to benefit from free basic shipping, meaning that the convenience of having it delivered month after month won’t cost some customers anything extra. There are other benefits to using the Home Direct program as well, including two free workout discs and a Shakeology shake mug. The mug makes preparing a shake easy, even when not at home. People on the go can pack the mug, some water or milk, and a serving’s worth of mix, which can be combined at work or while traveling.

As part of their service, Beachbody offers a 30-day guarantee on this product. This guarantee allows the product to be returned even if the bag or box is completely empty, meaning that customers can try Shakeology for an entire month to see what kind of health benefits it has over time.

Should You Buy Shakeology or Another Product?

There are a plethora of other shakes on the market, and some of them are pretty decent. However, a lot of them aren’t, and getting stuck with a sugar drink mixed with a bit of protein can be a waste of money, and isn’t nearly as healthy as a proper meal replacement. Many health stores will carry these simply because they’re affordable, even though they provide little health benefit. To avoid getting ripped off, people ought to look into product reviews before they buy, and a product that gets great reviews is Shakeology. Beachbody knew what they were doing when they designed it, and it’s so much more than the fake shakes other companies sell.

Getting a meal replacement shake that suits a hard-working lifestyle isn’t always a simple matter. Beachbody, with their Home Direct delivery program, has made it easy to get their quality Shakeology meal replacement month after month with no hassle. A customer only needs to sign up for the Home Direct service once when they initially buy Shakeology, and he or she can have shakes every day without having to visit a store or even leave the house.

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