Shakeology Review – What Most Shakeology Reviews Don’t Tell You

In this Shakeology review, we’ll take a look at the important facts surrounding Beachbody’s Shakeology meal replacement shake. Since so many health foods are poorly made, reading a review is a very important part of buying a health shake. People don’t want to be stuck with a sugar-filled dessert drink that does absolutely nothing to help them with their diets or workouts. As both the ingredient list and countless reviews indicate, Shakeology is far from useless, and isn’t full of second-rate powders. It’s a premium shake that many people rely on to get the nutrients and vitamins they need to live full, healthy lives.

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Shakeology Review – What is Shakeology?

Shakeology ReviewShakeology combines dozens of kinds of fruits and other health ingredients into one carefully-powdered shake mix. Both easy to prepare and easy to drink, it’s great for people on the go, or people who just want a quick, healthy meal now and then.

People participating in diets or workouts may find these shakes to be ideal parts of their eating habits, since they’re a great source of protein without being high in fat or calories. The low glycemic index of Shakeology will avoid causing unnecessary variations in blood sugar levels, which some people will find very beneficial. Beachbody has created a health shake that many people will benefit from greatly, even those who often have a tough time finding health foods that suit their bodies.

A month’s supply costs $119.95, and comes in either chocolate or greenberry flavors. Customers can buy it either in boxes of individually-wrapped servings, or in a single large bag. If a user doesn’t like Shakeology for whatever reason, he or she can return it for a refund within thirty days of buying it. For people who want to try it out but are worried it’s not for them, this refund period could be used as a trial month and if they like it, they can sign up for the Home Direct program and get a new box or bag every month.

Shakeology Health Benefits

There aren’t many other shakes that can boast as sophisticated a suite of healthy components are Shakeology. Super-fruits and specialist ingredients from a wide variety of regions are carefully powdered to preserve their nutritional values. Enzymes and prebiotics in other shakes often lose their potency due to incorrect preparation. The care that Beachbody puts into making Shakeology helps transfer the benefits of every ingredient to their customers.

Getting a monthly supply of Shakeology can be quite easy thanks to Beachbody’s Home Direct program. Customers don’t need to go to a store; instead, the product shows up at their door, often shipped for free. Ordering other products can be a hassle to do monthly, and forgetting to order can leave a customer without his or her shakes for weeks. With Home Direct, it’s all taken care of, month after month. There’s even an option to mix things up by changing the flavor every month.

Working out can put lots of strain on a body, and getting the right nutrients and minerals to build muscles and recover after a routine can be tough. Shakeology contains plenty of protein, which makes it a great supplement for muscle-intense workouts such as P90X and ChaLEAN Extreme. Many of the other nutrients can help boost a participant’s metabolism and energy, making it just a little easier to push through a daily workout. Lastly, quite a few customers have even been trying the 3 day Shakeology cleanse¬†and having much success, it may be something worth trying if detoxification is of interest to you.

Shakeology Reviews – A Few Issues

While Beachbody has tried to make Shakeology taste great to everyone, there will still be some people who don’t appreciate the flavors. For customers that find they aren’t enjoying their shakes, there are a number of recipes available on Beachbody’s website that can enhance or change the taste of Shakeology. While the makers of the shake have really focused on getting the nutritional value of the drink just right, they also tried to make it taste pretty good, and it seems to be a minority of customers that don’t like it.

Meal replacements are supposed to be an efficient way to get all of the nutrients of a meal (and then some). While Shakeology certainly provides a vast selection of healthy minerals and essential nutrients, it doesn’t provide a full meal’s worth of calories. Getting only 140 calories from a meal isn’t normal, so customers should really supplement their Shakeology intake with other food. This isn’t as much of a drawback as it sounds, since it means that the shakes can get customers the healthy content they need, and accompanying food’s nutritional value is less important as a result.

Shakeology was designed to meet the needs of people who exercise as well as dieters, and is full of some of the healthiest ingredients Beachbody could find. Whether somebody is getting fit with an exercise program or trying to improve his or her diet, Shakeology could be just what they’re looking for. Hopefully this Shakeology review has shed some light on what this popular meal replacement shake is really all about, and what you can realistically expect from it.

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